New Work by Jacob Burmood at the Hyde Gallery

Jacob Burmood is a graduate of Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and emphasis in sculpture.

Since childhood Burmood has had a strong desire to carve and construct three-dimensional forms, which led to the pursuit of a degree in sculpture. Since graduation, the artist has continued developing these forms, as well as teaching art foundations courses at the Missouri State University. Jacob Burmood is currently in the MFA program at KU to continue his education.

”My intention for each sculpture is to create a calm yet dynamic form, one that looks like it is undergoing a painless evolution. The reason I make these is because I believe it is healthy to explore form with certain guidelines and principles of art, such as balance and harmony. Through this process I feel better equipped to translate these principles to my daily life with the philosophy developed through this exploration.” I'm inspired by the work of Henry Moore, Jackson Pollock, and the Art Nouveau movement. I'm drawn to the Futurists sense of movement and Constantine Brancusi”s philosophy of it.”